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Our project management team is responsible for guiding every aspect of a commercial construction project from conception to completion

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Construction Management

Our project management team is responsible for guiding every aspect of a commercial construction project from conception to completion. Our role includes pre-construction and construction services such as the development of project budgets, scheduling, collaboration with architects and engineers and recruiting experienced specialists to manage specific areas of the project, such as plumbing, electrical or carpentry. Our construction managers will oversee your project as a whole and provide guidance regarding contracts or technical material. We also make sure that there is daily onsite supervision to ensure the smooth progression of the project.

As a general contracting firm, we review contract documents to decide on an appropriate bid amount to present to the client. Once a bid is accepted, we’ll begin collaborating with engineers and architects before beginning a project, reviewing construction diagrams and plans and modifying as necessary and overseeing daily operations throughout the project. During this time, we’ll hire subcontractors such as plumbers or electricians to provide all necessary construction services for the project, as well as coordinate the work that is expected of them. As the general contractor, we’re also responsible for the payment for the services provided by subcontractors and vendors.

Throughout the project, we remain in communication with the project architect and oversee the project team to ensure the entire building and construction process is quality, safe and completed on time and within budget.

This methodology spans the entire scope of work on a construction project, coordinating the design and construction teams to define their specific obligations for the project. The relative simplicity and cost efficiency of this method can be attributed to having a single point of contact with whom the project owner communicates regarding the project. Under this method, our project team oversees all the details of the project and reconcile the specifications to the owner’s requirements.

Many of our projects begin with many months of cost estimates and planning before the actual project start date. In the construction industry, a large portion of total project costs are determined by decisions made early in the conceptual stage, so it is important to the project owner that the costs are estimated as early and accurately as possible. These estimations act as a strategic tool to keep the project budget on track, giving the owner greater control over the total costs of the project. Our team feels that it’s important for us to invest the time and expertise to make projects possible on budgets of all sizes through value engineering, proforma development and re-zoning assistance.

To maximize the comfort and productivity of commercial spaces, Emnett Interiors provides a range of interior finishing services. Our specialists have the experience, expertise and equipment to make an interior space as efficient as the project owner desires. From partitions to doors, hardware to plumbing rough-ins, Emnett Interiors is your go-to partner for commercial interiors.

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Our Value Promise

Emnett Construction delivers value to every job through detailed specifications, cost estimating, pre-construction conferences and strategic relationships with the nation’s premier material suppliers. We also abide by the building industry’s most stringent sub-contractor pre-qualification criteria. Because of these things and our unwavering commitment to high-quality workmanship, open communication and your overall satisfaction, Emnett Construction delivers better buildings with more value.